Psychological M.O.T.

Sometimes it’s difficult to define what the issue is. Perhaps you are struggling with a dilemma or would like space to learn more about yourself. If so, a Psychological M.O.T. provides an opportunity to consult with an experienced Psychologist.

What is a Psychological M.O.T.?

Some personal difficulties can be a mix of issues, challenges or obstacles which require assessment and clarification. Alternatively, you may be struggling with a decision and would benefit from an opportunity to explore this with someone neutral and informed. Perhaps you are considering individual therapy, but aren’t sure if it's the right outlet for you.    

A Psychological M.O.T. provides a unique opportunity for comprehensive assessment and consultation with an experienced Psychologist. How you chose to use your M.O.T. session is entirely up to you. Whatever the focus, you can be assured of a supportive, non-judgemental and insightful space.

Our Psychological M.O.T.s are usually provided on a single-session basis. However they can be extended as you feel is necessary.

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