Developing a career as a therapist

Working as a therapist is a both a rewarding and challenging career path. With so many possible training routes, and stiff competition in areas such as Clinical Psychology, it can be difficult knowing where (or how) to begin. We can provide you with guidance.

What can you help with?

We truly love our jobs, and believe that working as a therapist should be accessible to all individuals, from as many different backgrounds as possible. Whilst many people consider or complete studies as a psychologist, it is unfortunate that only a small number go on to clinical practice. There are many reasons for this. Certain training routes such as Clinical Psychology are highly competitive and gaining entry to a course is difficult. Some times the sheer number of options can feel overwhelming - counselling? psychotherapy? psychologist? therapy specialist? - which can make the first step daunting. Perhaps you are considering a career as a therapist but aren't sure what training entails or whether it's the right choice for you.

Our highly specialist clinicians come from a range of different training backgrounds and have also undertaken specialist postgraduate training. We are available to help you think through the decision to train as a therapist, explore the routes available to you, and provide suggestions as to how to get started in this field.  

Book an appointment if you think it might be useful to explore your options with one of our clinicians.